PC broke, may not reply.

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PC broke, may not reply. Empty PC broke, may not reply.

Post by CheeseFrog on Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:47 am

Hello there! As you might already know, my PC exploded (O srsly? Ya srsly!) and I've gotta get a new one, which'll take a while. But anyway, keep reading on because I'm not asking for donations. If you need to contact me, or the team, please do it using these email adresses : petritvanderspoel@gmail.com , lightsourcestudios@casema.nl , sidescrollermod@casema.nl . You can pick whatever email adress you like to use, they're all mine. Please, DO NOT SEND EMAILS TO PETRIT_10@HOTMAIL.COM BECAUSE I MOST LIKELY WILL 1. NOT READ THEM, OR 2. NOT NOTICE THEM DUE TO HOTMAIL BEING A B*TCH AND DECIDED TO NOT WORK ON MY PS3!.

PC broke, may not reply. Liveforrent
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